The Marketing Support Hub

As a core deliverable for every Marketing Support Service, we create a stylish, easy to access and navigate Marketing Support Hub. 

The Portal can provide a wealth of features to enable the day to day operation and management of the Marketing Support Service. This can include collateral personalisation and ordering, website content management, real-time Campaign results reporting and also become an important marketing reference  location for corporate identity guides, logo and font downloads, case studies, customer profiles, marketing research and much more...

For businesses set up on a hub and spoke basis, the Marketing Support Hub is central to effective brand control and distributor / retailer marketing support.

Typical Hub functionality:

  • Collateral personalisation and ordering:

  • Advertising Campaign Management

  • Digital Campaign Management

  • Reporting

  • Website content management & metrics

  • Reference (eg Corporate Identity Manuals, downloads, research reports, case studies)

  • Infrastructure Management

  • Archive


mydentist Marketing Support

With over 560 Practices, mydentist needed a marketing support solution that offered flexibility, choice, local personalisation and speed of delivery.

Key Hub features:

Personalised, Branded Collateral Print & Logistics

Your brand is in safe hands with approved collateral templates that can be easily and quickly personalised via the Marketing Support Hub. Our economies of scale deliver cost-effective print buying but in addition, our powerful Marketing Support Hub platform ensures expenditure by branch, outlet or partner is always carefully controlled and measured.

Website Portfolio Content Management

Content management must be flexible, intuitive and able to support essential brand control. WYSIWYG editing, image editing and copy content editing along with real-time responsive testing are key components of the hugely powerful content management engine.

Website & Portal

Seamlessly integrated, e-commerce can be part of your responsive website portfolio or, to enable additional flexibility and functionality, a dedicated online shop may prove a more effective solution for some brands.

In addition, e-commerce is seamlessly integrated into the Marketing Support Hub so that outlets, partners and franchisees can either pay as they go or operate trade / internal accounts for support materials. This mechanism also provides a solution for robust collateral stock ordering and control.

Integrated CRM

Real-time data capture with integrated CRM ensure your important customer enquiries are captured safely and actioned promptly. The powerful platforms we employ can deliver multi-channel core communication strategies for lead-nurturing, cross-selling and up-selling.

Powerful, dynamic reporting is delivered directly to key users or via the Marketing Support Hub.

International Language Support

Multiple languages can be achieved via real-time software or using advanced database content management switching and native translation of source text.

Hosting & Security

Multiple shared hosting within our infrastructure is adopted in serving all of our websites, so your websites and Marketing Hub scales up as you receive more traffic and is immune to simple hardware failures.

Our secure hosting facilities include IP based firewall security and regularly tested disaster recovery solutions for complete peace of mind. 


Audi Marketing Support

Volkswagen AG reached a decision to separate it's Audi brand from Volkswagen. One key element was to offer marketing support to retail franchise partners, while at the same time exercising full brand control.