Where do we begin?

An effective Marketing Support Service will help the brand to increase sales through improving new customer acquisition, enquiry conversion, retention, loyalty, cross-selling, up-selling and referrals. It will also deliver marketing activity to maximise the lifetime value of every single customer .

The challenging bit is how best to decide where and how to deploy your Marketing investment and how to efficiently access the range and scale of Marketing services you will need. This is where we come in. Our initial review and audit process will help to quickly identify priorities and quantify objectives. From this, we will develop Strategies and detailed Communication and Activity Plans that are fully costed and with results forecasted. In addition, we will examine existing marketing infrastructure such as websites and CRM systems. Based on this, a Marketing Support Service framework is developed and costed.

Buyer behaviour mapping - marketing support focus areas


Understanding and mapping customer buyer behaviour is central to effective marketing. It is a key audit in the marketing planning process and helps us to identify priority areas of focus as well as guiding communications and messaging.